04 July 2011

I’m a fan of science fiction, especially fiction that has the possibility of being real tomorrow. One of those topics is time travel. Everybody at some point in their life has wished to go back or forward in life for some purpose, however silly it might have been.

I watched the movie The Time Machine (2002) today and it is based on the book by H.G.Wells and had an interesting thought, that time travel would be partially broken.

If it means that time travel, can take you backward or forward in time, it would be only uptil a limit. The limit would be the life of the time machine.

So if you are in 2011 and want to travel forward in time to 30 years, it would only be possible if 30 years later the time machine would be existing. So for example if the time machine would actually be destroyed or be broken in 2021, then you can travel in the machine upto 20 years and nothing more, because after 20 years, the machine itself would not exist to travel :)

Now consider the other case - travelling backward in time. That cannot be possible at all. Because in the past, the time machine you built just today would not exist at all :) So to travel backwards, the time machine would have to be that old.

Ok now for all this I assume that it requires a machine to do time travel. But if you can time travel using your mind, like Hiro Nakamura of the TV soap Heros, then you might not face this problem.