14 September 2012

I’m from India and I recently bought a new iPad. However having a device that I cannot program on sounded really bad to me. So I applied for the iOS developer program. It took me about 4 days - applied on Monday and I was in on Thursday.

I used my mother’s credit card since I don’t have one and getting a credit card in India requires a deposit in most banks here.

I contacted Apple Developer Support (Singapore) explaining my situation and their support executive asked me to send documents attested by the Notary Public. They call it “notarized”. I wasn’t aware of the term until that day.

If you are like me and are using your dad’s or mum’s or bro’s credit card, then be prepared to produce enough documents. Here’s a list of documents I faxed them:

  • My purchase form (obviously)
  • Notarized copy of my Indian passport info pages This document was important since it mention’s my mother’s name.
  • Notarized copy of mum’s driving license
  • A permission letter from my mother to use her credit card

Faxed them, courtesy http://hellofax.com :)