20 December 2012

A few days ago, I launched CreateMyInvoice.com.

Hacker News effect

The post on Hacker News looked pretty dull for the first few minutes. And then all of a sudden, the unexpected happened - it shot up to the front page in about 30min. Remained there on top of HN for about 7hrs, before gradually dieing off.

The following are the stats for the 24hrs after launch:

 5335 visits
 5158 unique visitors
14759 pageviews

And 78 users actually tried sending an invoice. A total of 90 invoices were generated.

I thought the post would die down with a couple points. I began expecting better numbers than the above, when I saw the post on top of HN at #1. Maybe the audience wasn’t that huge for this app.

Smashing Magazine episode

On 05-DEC-2012, Smashing Magazine tweeted about CreateMyInvoice and also posted on their Facebook page. They also posted on Google Plus The following are the stats for the first 3 days.

Day             | 05-DEC | 06-DEC | 07-DEC
Visits          |  732   |   157  |  901
Unique visitors |  701   |   148  |  846
PageViews       | 1585   |   358  | 2306

The tweet was retweeted 26 times and favourited 70 times. The Facebook post was liked by 24.

The following are the stats for referrals from Facebook and Twitter for those 3 days (totalled):

Service         | t.co | facebook.com | m.facebook | Google Plus
Visits          |  498 |   526        |  39        |  32

The reaction from Google Plus seems pathetic and comes close to Facebook’s mobile website. That maybe because

  • The audience following SmashingMagazine on Google Plus already knew about the app from other sources
  • Heh, or it’s just that very less people are active on Google Plus ;)

Traffic from Facebook stills seems significant in the geek world. I had expected that would be close to nothing when compared to Twitter.

For these 3 days, Google Analytics reports that 91.37% of the visits, were new. Skimming thru the numbers, I have the following thoughts:

  • Hacker News and Smashing Magazine have very less number of user who read both.
  • Or the new visitors may be a result of the retweets and those retweets found by a newer audience.

If your application serves a similar audience as CreateMyInvoice, the above data should give you a rough idea of what ratio of traffic to expect from each of those mediums (when compared to one other).