25 February 2013

A lot of people I know are working on startups (especially remote workers), side-projects or freelancing. What most people will tell you is that it reduces your social life to nothing. That only happens when you shut yourself up in the house, to work on something for a stretch of time - and not talk much to people.

If you need an incentive not to do that, then here’s a fact - your side project will not be awesome if you do that.


  • by shutting yourself up, you are limiting your sources for inspiration.
  • in time you’ll lose motivation, to work on what you were once very much interested in.
  • when you are out of this, you’ll realize you haven’t made much friends.

I do not have any scientific data to prove the above. I know this, because I once did the same. I’m happy that I snapped out of it.

Having casual chats with people can help.

Talk to someone. We are all alone, but we are in this together.

If you don’t know whom to talk to, find some nice person you know and send an email. Get out to meet them. Most people are happy to make new friends.

(If I qualify as a nice guy, my email is in the sidebar)